4 Fun Things To Do With Your Mini Projector

A mini projector can be used for business and professional reasons, but these devices also provide an avenue for a lot of fun. You can use a mini projector in many different ways for activities that will be fun for your friends and family. The best part is that these projectors are small enough to be transported to any location where you might want to enjoy a large scale projected image.

If you have just invested in the best portable projector or are considering purchasing one in the near future, here is a just a short list of some of the things you can do to further your enjoyment of the device.

1. Create Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater

Because these mini projectors can be set up anywhere with an electrical outlet, you can take it outside and project an image on a screen or any flat white surface. When the sun goes down, you can take the projector outdoors and project the image from a DVD player or a laptop computer to create a large outdoor movie theater. It will be just like an old fashioned drive-in movie theater, but using digital technology. Projecting a movie outdoors is a great way to top off a barbeque, picnic or block party. You don’t even need to use a large screen: you can project the image on to the side of your house or hang up a sheet, which will work just fine for this purpose.

2. Video Games

If you like to play video games or have young ones who do, you can connect a video game system to a mini projector and play the latest games. This will make the three-dimensional graphics of the latest video game systems appear very large and creates a more lifelike gaming experience that can not be matched by a big screen TV. Whether you want to give your kids a fun treat or just want to impress your gaming buddies at the next LAN party, a mini projector is the perfect tool for making video games even more fun.

3. Seeing the Big Game As Big As You Can

Forget about renting a big screen TV or paying exorbitant amounts for tickets to enjoy the next big sports game. Instead, use your mini projector to blow up the sports broadcast to sizes that rival any big screen TV.

4. Spice up a Party or Other Get-Together

If you are having a party, you can use the mini projector to provide a neat backdrop for the event. For example, if you are having a Halloween party, you can put on your favorite scary movies to give your costumed guests an extra ambiance of fun. Another example would be a Christmas party in a location where you can not enjoy a roaring fireplace. You can project a video of a burning yule log to give the Christmas get-together an extra dose of Christmas cheer. Plus, the image will be larger and more inviting than any fireplace.

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