4 Must-Have Mini Projector Accessories

Mini projectors are very affordable solutions to projecting a video image at a large size. However, there are some accessories you should consider buying along with the projector to enhance your experience with these devices. Regardless of what application you are using the mini projector for, these accessories are definitely well worth purchasing.

1. Projection Screen

A mini portable projector can display an image on any flat white surface. However, not all rooms or locations offer such a space for convenient projecting. This is why you should purchase a projection screen along with your mini projector. These screens can be installed into a room permanently and rolled up whenever they are not in use, similar to maps and screens that you used to see in classrooms. However, you may want to look into getting a portable screen instead, as these will allow you take the mini projector and the screen to any location necessary.

2. Additional Bulbs

Purchasing additional bulbs for your mini projector is a good idea, as the bulbs can burn out over time and extended usage. By having a supply of extra bulbs available, you can avoid any embarrassment when the projector bulb burns out in the middle of a presentation. This is a factor that is especially important for anyone planning to use a mini projector in their business, as you would not want to appear unprofessional or unprepared for a business meeting or presentation.

3. Carrying Case

You should invest in a carrying case for your mini projector, especially if you are planning to use it many different locations. Without a carrying case, the wear and tear caused by repeated travel and transportation may eventually take their toll on the projector and cause the image to become distorted or even worse, an early demise for the device. Also, keeping the mini projector in the carrying case when it is not in use will prevent it from gathering dust, which can cause visual distortions in the projected image.

4. Extension Cord and Power Strips

If you are planning on purchasing a mini or pico projector for the enhanced portability of these small electronic devices, a supply of extension cords and power strips are must have accessories if you mini projector isn’t battery-operated. Because you can not always be certain that the best placement for your mini projector will be near an available power outlet or that you will have enough outlets for all of the electronic devices you will be using in addition to the projector, extension cords and power strips can save you from a potential problem in the future. Also, make sure to buy a power strip that also has surge protection, to avoid any electrical damage to your mini projector and also to a laptop or DVD player that is connected to the same power outlet.

As you can see, these accessories are very practical for getting the most out of your mini projector. They can extend the working life of the device and also provide convenience for your projection needs.